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King Servius Tullius Roman empire symbol

Servius Tullius


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Description of Servius Tullius

Servius Tullius was the sixth king of Rome and the second to boast an Etruscan heritage. His father was a slave of Tarquinius Priscus and, after perceiving a divine flame enveloping Tullius’ head while he slept, Priscius adopted the child. With the support of Queen Tanaquilla, Servius Tullius succeeded Tarquinius Priscus after his death.
Servius Tullius’ reign was notable for reforming Rome with a new social and political organization. He divided the population into five classes based on wealth and created the comitia centuriate, in which citizens voted organized by wealth. He also granted Roman citizenship to the Latin allies and to the plebeians residing in the hills. Outside of politics, Tullius saw the creation of many Roman marvels including the temple of Diana on the Aventine. But Servius Tullius eventually met the same fate as his father, murdered, by his successor, Tarquin.

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