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Seventh Apocalyptic Seal Anthroposophy

Seventh Apocalyptic Seal

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Description of Seventh Apocalyptic Seal

The Seventh Apocalyptic Seal depicts a serpent with the Mercury staff and an upturned cup. The serpent symbolizes the selfless, devoted attitude required to grasp spiritual wisdom. The spiraling staff represents the Cosmic Mercury forces that can only be accessed through such an awakened consciousness.
The downward-facing cup signifies humanity’s future spiritual purification and the reversal of its current sensualistic orientation. Presently, humans live consumed by base desires, with cups ‘freely pointing upward.’ The Seal foretells an era where humanity’s cup becomes ‘chaste,’ turning inward rather than chasing external gratification.
The plant’s upright cup below embodies the opposite state – openness to freely receive spiritual nourishment from the heavens. The evolution implied is one of tuning human desire forces to divine will.
Meditating on the Seventh Seal provides insight into overcoming ego-centered cravings by aligning with cosmic wisdom. The serpent symbolizes esoteric knowledge available to the humbly devoted. In Anthroposophy, the Seal charts the path to enlightenment through purification of desires.
Culturally, the Seal represents the culmination of humanity’s spiritual journey – the reunification of mortal consciousness with the divine. Sensuality transmutes into selfless love. The fallen cup becomes the Holy Grail, brimming with wisdom and compassion.

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