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Shamash-Amna-Babbar-Samas-Utu Sumerian

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Description of Shamash

The sun and divine justice god Shamash was the child of Ningal and Nanna. Depending on the cities where he was worshiped, he was also known by the names Amna, Babbar, Samas, and Utu. Shamash was linked with generosity, humanity, and kindness, besides divine justice and the sun. People from Babylon erected many temples in Eridu, Sippar, and Larsa to honor and worship him. E-Babbar is the name of the temples that honor God Shamash. Shamash is shown as an older man with a long beard and light beams coming from his shoulders that resemble wings. The light beams represent his ability to observe everything occurring on Earth and take the action to uphold justice, truth, humanity, and judgments.

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