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Description of Simbi

Simbi spirits are a kind of water spirit. They are a huge and diversified family of serpents known as loa in Haitian Vodoun. Simbi Makaya is a powerful sorcerer and shaman spirit worshipped by Haitian esoteric societies. Simbi is a Kikongo word, while Basimbi is the plural version. Male Simbis is the most well-known, although female Simbis exists as well. Lady Simbi, the matron of the Simbi family, is Gran Simba. She defends and saves persons trapped in dangerous river currents and those who fall into swift-flowing waters by mistake. Simbi Anpaka is the Herb Master Simbi, the lwa of botanicals, leaves, poison, and medicines. The Vodou religion holds that there is an unapproachable creator, thus its adherents communicate with spirits that serve as a middleman between them and the creator.

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