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Description of Simurg

The Persian Simurgh, like a falcon with the head of a lion or a dog. The Simurg among the Persians is the only bird of its kind that has existed since the very beginning of time, wise and able to foresee the future. Simurgh is the sacred bird of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest symbols of Iranian culture. Simurgh is a symbol of immortality, freedom of the spiritual from the earthly, divinity, spiritual power, the victory of the spirit over evil and death. The Simurgh is the mediator between the heavenly and earthly worlds. According to an ancient Zoroastrian belief, the Simurgh carries the souls of the righteous to paradise. Simurgh is a messenger of the gods, a prophet, a prophetic bird that predicts the future and knows the language of heaven. Simurgh teaches people the truth, goodness and justice, comes to their aid in difficult times, conveys ancient wisdom, heals wounds, saves Iranian heroes fighting evil in difficult times.

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