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Slavic color palette Cover Tablet

Slavic Color Palette

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Slavic Color Palette

Unique Color Palette inspired by ancient Slavic civilization.

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Slavic color palette description

A digital color scheme influenced by the history and symbolism of Slavic cultures. Art, architecture, and symbols from Slavic nations all have their own distinct histories and traditions to convey. The Slavic color scheme is distinguished by vivid hues that are rich in symbolism. Colors are commonly associated with particular feelings, thoughts, and even historical moments in Slavic culture. For instance, the color red is often connected with ardor, love, and bravery, whereas the color green is often associated with prosperity, rebirth, and the natural world. Black represents mystery, power, and darkness, while blue is connected with heaven, spirituality, and the divine. White symbolizes innocence, new beginnings, and purity, whereas yellow represents the sun, brightness, and warmth. This Slavic color palette may inject originality and strength into contemporary design. Graphic designers, web designers, brand managers, and other visual artists can give their works a deeper feeling of history and cultural resonance by using these deep and meaningful hues. Slavic culture has a rich history of symbolism, and its vivid color palette can infuse a design with vitality and excitement.
A digital color palette influenced by Slavic traditions can enrich contemporary design work in a number of ways, including the creation of a sense of cultural depth and resonance, the addition of layers of meaning and symbolism, and the infusion of a bold and colorful energy.


An instant download of a ZIP folder contains:

⋙ .Swatches file
⋙ .Ase file (all Adobe software)
⋙ Color Guide Template
⋙ PDF file with Hex Codes for direct color picking
⋙ CMYK and RBG Color profiles


Our color palettes are fully compatibles with:
Procreate – Canva – Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Figma – ZBrush
You have just to import the files in your preferred software!

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