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spitama-zarathustra Persian symbol

Spitama Zarathustra


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Description of Spitama Zarathustra

Spitama Zarathustra is a mythologized image of a real historical character. Zarathustra was the son of a priest from the Spitam clan, a prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism. Zarathustra preached in his homeland, but was persecuted by the local ruler, the sorcerer Durashrava, and was forced to flee to King Vitshaspa, who became his patron and follower. According to the myths, Ahuramazda created the spiritual essence Zarathustra at the beginning of life and placed it in the trunk of the Haoma tree of life, and six thousand years later Zarathustra received a bodily incarnation and was illuminated by the unearthly light of truth. In search of truth, Zarathustra retired to a secluded mountain, where a great flame fell upon him from heaven, but he emerged from the flame unharmed and endowed with divine wisdom. Many prophecies, sayings and books were attributed to Zarathustra, in the Middle Ages he was considered a magician and astrologer.

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