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Horned god Wicca

The Horned God


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Description of The Horned God

The Horned God rules over the woods, the hunt, and the animals. In modern Paganism and Witchcraft, he is the consort of the Goddess and the embodiment of the Supreme Deity’s masculine aspect. He also rules over life, death, and the underworld. He is born at the winter solstice, marries the Goddess at Beltane, and dies at the summer solstice. His death is a life-giving sacrifice. Most modern Witchcraft traditions stress the Goddess. However, the Horned God is vital in his role in male-female polarity. He is venerated in ceremonies through the high priest, who sometimes wears an antlered headpiece or a horned helmet. The Horned God symbolizes sexuality, vigor, hunting, reasoning, and power, but not exploitative. He is tender and compassionate.

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