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Pomegranate MALUM GRANATUM Roman empire symbol

The pomegranate


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Description of The pomegranate

Since ancient times the pomegranate fruit, rich in seeds of an eye-catching red colour, has been considered a symbol of fertility and an expression of the exuberance of life. The fruit was called so from malum, i.e. apple, and Punicum, i.e. Carthaginian, after the Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder named it so, as the Romans had imported pomegranate from the city of Carthage before transplanting it into Italian soil.

The symbol of pomegranate was linked to the cults of the Sacred Mysteries, so much so that in the archaic Greek myth Persephone eats seven pomegranate seeds in Hades, which forces her to live six months in the world of the dead before spending another six months in splendor of Olympus.

In all ancient religions, the descent into Hades was considered to represent the awareness of life in a man unafraid to explore his unconscious depths. Therefore, the mysterious meaning of the pomegranate was the awareness of life, and life beyond life.

Pomegranate seeds were widely used in magic and had the function of strengthening the created enchantment, both in healing spells and curses intended to cause harm to others.

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