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tishtar Persian symbol

Tishtrya Tishtar


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Description of Tishtrya Tishtar

Tishtar or Tishtrya is an Avestan name of a Zoroastrian benevolent deity associated with life-giving rains and fertility. Tishtar is Tyr in Middle and Modern Persian. Based on the archaic context in which Tishtar appears in the Avesta texts, the divinity/concept is almost certainly Indo-Iranian in origin. In the hymn of the Avesta, Tishtar participates in the cosmic fight against the demon bringing drought to Apaosha. In the Zoroastrian religious calendar, the 13th day of the month and the 4th month of the year are dedicated to Tishtar/Tyru and hence named after the entity. During the Achaemenid period, Tishtar was identified with the Semitic Naboo-Tiri and thus became associated with the Dog Star, Sirius.

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