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Description of Tulip

The tulip is a symbol often found on traditional Persian rugs. Persia is considered the birthplace of tulips. For the first time, the tulip is mentioned in written sources from the period of the 11th-12th centuries. In the literary works of Ancient Persia, the flower was referred to as “dulbash”, which means “turban” – an oriental headdress resembling a flower in shape. There is a legend about the Persian prince Farhad. Unremembered in love with the beautiful girl Shirin, the prince dreamed of a happy life with his beloved. But envious rivals started a rumor that his beloved was killed. Farhad, mad with grief, drove his horse straight onto the rocks and crashed to death. Bright red tulips grew from the blood of the prince – a symbol of passionate love. In general, the tulip is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

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