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Uksáhkká Sami symbol

Uksakka Uksahkka


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Description of Uksakka Uksahkka

Uksakka Uksahkka is connected to motherhood, childbirth, and fertility and is sometimes referred to as the “Mother of the Sami people,”. She is shown as a goddess or a powerful shaman and is claimed to have been created from the first breath of the earth, according to folklore. She takes care of the newborn child, keeping it healthy and secure. Uksakka is frequently shown as a youthful woman with long, flowing hair who occasionally has reindeer by her side. A significant figure in Sami culture, Uksakka is still held in high regard by much of the population. She is revered as the Sami people’s protector, and several customary Sami celebrations and rituals still incorporate gifts and prayers to her.

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