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Description of Venus Seal

In Anthroposophy, the Venus Seal symbol represents the spiritual qualities of the planet Venus and its influence on human development. Venus correlates to harmony, beauty and the feminine divine according to Rudolf Steiner’s teachings.
The Seal signifies a phase in humanity’s evolution toward higher spiritual consciousness. Anthroposophy holds that the Venus Seal radiates a balancing, harmonizing effect on its environment. For this reason, the symbol is often incorporated into Anthroposophic art and architecture.
The two interlocking circles represent the synthesis of opposites – masculine and feminine, spirit and matter. The hexagram depicts the macrocosm’s imprint on the microcosm. The upper and lower triangles signify descending spirit manifesting through ascending matter.
For the Anthroposophist, meditating on the multidimensional Venus Seal provides access to Venusian spiritual energies of equilibrium and grace. By integrating these qualities, one achieves greater wholeness and advances the soul.
On a cultural level, Anthroposophy sees the Venus Seal as signifying a future phase where humanity achieves conscious unification with the divine feminine. This stage will bring profound harmony between mind and heart, science and spirit, technology and nature.
With its balance of yin and yang, celestial and terrestrial, the profound Venus Seal symbol distills Anthroposophy’s vision of actualizing divine potential. By elevating consciousness and harmonizing life’s dimensions, it represents humanity’s next spiral in spiritual evolution.

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