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verethragna the victorious Persian symbol



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Description of Verethragna

Verethragna, in Iranian mythology, is the god of war and victory, “the one who destroys obstacles.” The image of Veretragna belongs to the era of the Indo-Iranian community, its name corresponds to the epithet of the thunderbolt Indra in Vedic mythology. Chapter 14 of “Yashts” (part of the text of the Avesta) tells about the transformation of Veretragna: into the wind, bull, horse, camel, wild boar, falcon, sheep, goat and, finally, a wonderful warrior. Veretragna gives Zarathustra masculine strength, strong arms, a powerful body and sharp eyesight. In the image of the falcon Vargan – the incarnation of Veretragna – depicted in the Avesta farm, a symbol of royal power.

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