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Yin Yang Feng Shui

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Description of Yin Yang

Yin Yang plays a very significant role in the tradition of Feng Shui. It is one of the most fundamental theories of Feng Shui, which believes everything in this Universe consists of two opposite, but deeply interlinked forces, the Yin and the Yang. Yang is masculine/the male force/masculine energy, white, light, south, young, odd numbers, heaven, warm, mountains, rich, hard, fire (creativity), active, sun (strength and the god Xihe), and provides form to all things. Yin is feminine/the female force/feminine energy, black, dark, north, earth, cold, old, water (transformation), passive, even numbers, valleys, poor, soft, moon (weakness and the goddess Changxi), and delivers spirit to all things. Yin-Yang performs a leading role in maintaining everything to achieve balance, according to Feng Shui pundits.

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Feng Shui main description

Feng Shui Symbols Ancient Chinese believed in a force of energy called Chi or Qi which flows through the house and has used the principles to channel good energy through their houses. They named it Feng Shui, from the words Feng (wind) and Shui (water). The fundamental concept behind Feng Shui is the harmony between man and nature, and it speaks of the union of the universe with humankind. In Feng Shui, the correct placement of some Feng Shui enhancement symbols can not only bring you wealth and fortune but can also expel evil spirits. This is done by placing many Feng Shui symbols or elements into your house. The placement of some Feng Shui products in your home may protect your home, but if you put these items in the wrong positions, they can easily affect your family's health and even incur unexpected financial losses. The concept of Feng Shui continues to enjoy widespread acceptance, both in China and across the globe. Feng Shui principles are also often used in interior design since these ideas are simple to put into practice. Here are a few of the most popular articles from Feng Shui and symbols for good luck that help bring luck to your home.

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