Symbolikon for non-backers

For Kickstarter latecomers who want to get access to Symbolikon library, is available the “late pledge“. It will cost you something more similar to the final retail prices than what the Kickstarter backers paid. This is to make sure my backers feel properly appreciated and got a better deal.

Paying now can get you access to the current versions, including stretch goals and special gifts!

Digital library access download in all versions: Bold, Light, Outlined and Colorable.
Available as Raster (JPG, PNG) and Vector (SVG, EPS). ?


⋙ 650+ symbols in four versions
⋙ Category description and symbols tags
⋙ Printable poster (A4-A3)

Full digital library with extended license. Specific for software houses, publishers, gaming companies…etc.
You can add the Symbolikon library in your projects with no limitation.


⋙ 650+ symbols in four versions
⋙ Extended License

Custom Symbols design – 50 unique symbols for your project ?
Design of a custom set of symbols specific for your project/product based on your requirements.


⋙ 50 custom symbols
⋙ Full commercial license, you own 100% of copyright.
⋙ Tailor made design
⋙ Adaptable for any kind of project/product

To get Symbolikon mail to with your desired pledge.
We will send you instructions

Symbolikon set of worldwide ancient symbols through ages and cultures

Symbolikon - Visual Library of Worldwide Ancient Symbols - Worldwide map

Symbolikon is esoteric, mystic, religious, shamanic, folk, ethnic, worldwide, visual, textual, meaningful, beautiful, consistent, modern, useful…

The missing piece in graphic and communication resources.