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Crop Circles Meanings

Crop Circles Symbols - Circle makers - Crop Circles art

The very first mention of the crop circles dates back to 1678 – an English brochure called “The Mowing-Devil” depicted a circle of lodged wheat. In August 1980, in Westbury, Wiltshire, South England, three strips of neatly tamped oats were found in a field. The stripes formed rather large circles. Their diameter was 18 meters, and the centers and edges were clearly marked. It seemed as if something massive had fallen from the sky, crushed the ears and then flew away again. There were no tracks outside the circle, so it was impossible to say that any car drove up to the field and spoiled the crops.
The idea of ​​landing a “flying saucer” arose automatically. In 1981-1982, new circles appeared on the fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire several times. In July 1982, an amazing configuration of five circles suddenly appeared – one in the center and four around it. It became clear to any uninitiated that atmospheric vortices would hardly be able to construct such a correct and highly symmetrical composition. Ufologist Pat Delgado told the media that crop circles are signs that are left by some intelligent creatures (most likely aliens).
The number of crop circles increased rapidly over time. In 1987, about 50 mysterious circles, in 1988 – about 100, in 1989 – already 270. Some of the structures of 1990-1991 had an unprecedentedly complex pattern. In Wiltshire in 1990, on Tim Carson’s field, appeared an amazing composition. It consisted of nine interconnected circles with branches, similar to the key barbs, and rectangles parallel to each other. The farmer began selling tickets to enter his field so that people could look at the composition. Special centers for the study of crop circles arose. British Centre Officer George Wingfield suggested that such circles occur unusually quickly – perhaps in 10-15 seconds. It was because no one had ever seen how crop circles were formed. A specific “science” was formed, which was called cereology (the science of cereals).

Specific trait of symbology
The specifics of the crop circles are: Within one circle, all spikelets lie flat, but they are not broken, but bent in the same direction.
The edges of the figure are clear, never vague: the spikelets at the edge of the circle remain intact. The diameters of the circles vary widely – from the size of a car tire to one hundred meters. Some of them are surrounded by one or more circles, the spikelets in them may be laid in the direction opposite to the main circle. Some circles were accompanied by smaller circles.

General Meaning of symbology
The crop circle symbols can depict a variety of symbols: geometric shapes, animals, mathematical equations, symbols from ancient cultures, diagrams of molecules of organisms. About 80% of the “field patterns” are fakes, i.e. made by human hands. However, the remaining 20% provide unprecedented interest for researchers and various enthusiasts. There is only information from several eyewitnesses who observed the phenomenon in different places and at different times. All of these people claim that the formation of patterns occurs in a few moments and is accompanied by strange light and sound, reminiscent of crackling.

Bar Magnet crop circles

Bar Magnet

Bar magnet appeared during the visit to Wiltshire of a scientist from NASA. Avebury Coward, 2000.
Once a respected NASA scientist named Alan Holt on the 20th of July, 2000 year came to Wiltshire to look at crop circles that had already appeared there and, for the sake of joke, asked a question in mind, could these unknown artists help him in his research. Two days later, he was rewarded with the famous image of a bar magnet.

Eight magnets crop circles

Eight magnets

Eight Magnets is a crop circle that was found on the 7th of August, 2008, in Cherkhil. It is an octal symmetrical picture that clearly shows the octal symmetrical magnetic field of the new ATLAS particle detector, which was successfully tested on the same day at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva.

Pentad crop circles


Pentad is the shape of the Pentagon and Pentagram. The number five is encrypted in Pentad and it is one of the most mysterious numbers.
The number five is sacred and brings the gift of life into the world.
The fifth element of nature is something mysterious that animated matter to life and brings meaning into the world.
Five-fold figure is similar to the human form – a head, two legs and arms.
Five fingers on each hand and toes on each foot made the number special too. But at the same time pentagram is always assumed as something devilish and has a resemblance with two-horned devil. This made this symbol misunderstood.

Allington Down

Allington Down

Allington Down is an area in Wiltshire, England. A crop circle was found approximately 200 feet in 1999. It is a third dimension cube with several cuboid patterns to appear as crop circles. It is one of the best examples of tetrad symbolism in crop circles. Apparently, it is a symbol of three dimensions and four elements.

Tetrad crop circles


Tetrad is the figure of the Square and Cube. The number four is the symbol of moving from something perfected to the begon of creation of the material realm. Here we can already see depth and volume, threedimentional reality. Both the square and the cube are symbols of stability and strength, physical matter.
The shape of four is the square (or the cube). Both the square and the cube exhibit stability, equality and strength, all attributes of four-ness. It is a primal building block of the universe: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Liddington Castle

Liddington Castle

Liddington Castle is a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age univallate hillfort, Wiltshire, England. Wheat crop circles were found in June 2001, approximately 200 feet. The image on the field is three interlocking circles enclosed within a circle. At the center of the figure a triangle is created with convex sides. Similar pattern was used in churches as a symbol of the tri-fold nature of God and trinity.



Marden is a city in Wiltshire, England. In August 2005 a crop circle was found in the wheat, 200 feet.
It is a variation of the vesica theme. The two perfect circles that are overlapping and creating the almond shape are invisible.
Inside the almond shape is a lotus-like flower with four rows of eighteen petals.

Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis is one of the most significant goddesses of Ancient Egypt, who was presented as a model for understanding the Egyptian ideal of femininity and motherhood.
On the 27th of July, 2008 schematic representation of the ancient goddess appeared in Honey Street, when in the neighborhood, in Glastonbury, was the annual Goddess Conference.

Nine Planets

Nine Planets

Nine Planets is the crop circle that was found on the 15th of July, 2008, in Avebury Manor. The image is a symbol of Mayan Long Count (Mayan calendar) and it reappeared on the field to remind us of the upcoming date December 21 – 23, 2012, when the Fifth Sun period ends. Crop Circles demonstrated the exact location of the nine planets of our solar system on this special day to remind us of it through universal astronomical symbols that everyone living on Earth is able to understand.

Calendar crop circles


Calendar type pictograms from 2002 to 2007 are another category of crop circles that clearly demonstrate the calendars of ancient England or Central America, which were in use on Earth many hundreds or even thousands of years ago. A good example of this is the image that appeared in Windmill Hile on July 18, 2002, illustrating the British megalithic calendar, which once divided each year into six equal parts of 60 or 61 days each. The image appeared 28 days after the summer solstice on June 20th, so the left is missing 28 figures of diamonds, meaning days gone by.

Metatron's Cube crop circles

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s cube is a structure of sacred geometry, one of the most sacred forms, consisting of 13 circles and formed from the continuation of the well-known flower of life – the fruit of life. Metatron’s cube sacredly is a conductor of divine energy.
The Metatron’s Cube depicted on the crop circles was found in Shuge Hill on the 1st of August, 2007 has a clear connotation. So, 18 cubes of its complex geometry are counted 18 days from the date of its appearance on August 1 to complete inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun on August 18.
The same way, the image of the Flower of Life, which appeared on August 17, counts six-sixths of the cube or just one day before the conjunction of the Sun and Venus.

Solar System Crop Circles

Solar System

The solar system is a planetary system that includes the central star Sonce. Dumbbell pictograms on crop circles of the early nineties are symbols for astronomical objects. Many of them now obviously demonstrate long-forgotten symbols of Ptolemaic astronomy, illustrating the usual processes of planetary conjunction, opposition, or lunar and solar eclipses. Some of these symbols are still used today in modern astrology. So, looking at the crop circles on the field from Elton Barnes that was found on July 11, 1990, we recognize several ancient astronomical symbols of the close convergence or conjunction in our sky of two planets – Venus and Jupiter, as well as Jupiter and the Moon.

Pi Crop Circles

Pi Crop Circles

Pi is a mathematical constant that expresses the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This crop circle is exactly what you would expect from highly intelligent aliens trying to communicate with the inhabitants of Earth using the universal symbols of astronomy and mathematics. These crop circles are one of the arguments in favor of their cosmic origin.
At Barbury Castle on the 1st of June in 2008, was found what is called an image of a rotating encoder expressing the value of the universal mathematical constant pi to the tenth decimal place after the decimal point, namely 3.141592654.

Sudden crop circles

Sudden crop circles

The sudden crop circles is a huge painting on a field in East Field that was created in 2007. There are camera shots at 3.13 in the morning, there is no drawing yet, and at 3.20 in the morning – already there. The sudden and unusual appearance of this huge, 300-meter drawing in East Field took less than 10 minutes when no people were observed nearby. For several years, modern cameras with increased night sensitivity, placed in the fields where drawings most often appear, have recorded in detail the process of their formation. This is one of the main arguments in favor of the extraterrestrial appearance of crop circles.

Triquetra Crop Circles


The triquetra is the crop circle that was found in 1999 in Barbury Castle. This shows the ancient Celtic symbol “triquetra” which means mind, body, and spirit. It is an ancient spiritual symbol.
Also known as a “trinity knot”, the Triquetra was adopted by early Christians from an ancient Pagan symbol. In Pagan mythology, it represented earth, air and water of life, death and rebirth. The Triquetra is sometimes referred to as a Celtic triangle, but is more accurately a three-pointed shape.

Seven Chakras Crop Circle

Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras are the seven spiritual centers in the human body, namely: crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. This symbol was found on the crop circle in 2004 in Pusey.

The Star in Bishops Cannings

The Star in Bishops Cannings

Bishops Cannings is a village and civil parish in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire, England. In July 1997 there was found a crop circle that looked like a star and was 200 feet. There was a series of five pointed stars Pentagrams in England from 1993 to 1997. This was the last one.

The All-seeing Eye

The All-seeing Eye

The All-seeing Eye is the crop circle pattern that was found on the 25th of June in 2010 in Ufton, Southam, Warwickshire.
The All-seeing Eye is the symbol of God that is looking on everyone and sees everything. IA circle is divided into 24 equally-spaced points. From each of these points on the circle, one goes a quarter of the way around and then draws an arc. After that the circle in the middle that looks like a pupil appears. The Eye in the center is similar to the Vesica Pisces arc, but it was made in a completely different way.

Swallows Crop Circles


Swallows is the pattern of crop circles that was found on the 4 of August in 2003 in Adam’s Grave, Wiltshire. The geometry of the swallows pattern shows birds in flight.
It is a Vesica Piscis form shown three times gradually becoming smaller. These three swallows are flying out.

Braid Pattern

Braid Pattern

The Braid Pattern was found in South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire on the 8 of August in 2003. Braid Pattern is an interlinked sequence of Vesica Pisces at right angles to each other is thereby constructed.

Crooked Soley

Crooked Soley

Crooked Soley is four Vesica Pisces shapes around the circle.
These arcs that were made can be rotated at five-degree intervals, to give 72 arcs going each way, with 18 replications of our original diagram.
Arcs both outside and inside the two concentric circles all have to fade away and the basic template thereby emerges.

Golden Tree crop circles

Golden Tree

Golden Treeshape is a crop circle that was found on the 15 of August in 2002 in Winchester. It is a tree with four steps of branching, having 16 fruits. It branched at one-third angles (120°) and its branch-lengths made golden ratios. It is a symbol of nature that is at the same time mathematically perfect.

Twelve Fold Vesica

Twelve Fold Vesica

Twelve fold Vesica was found only once on the 12 of July in 2000 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. This crop circle was made the same as Torus with rotation of 6 Vesicas. That rotation created 48 rhombi, it has an outlying circle thrice the area of that within.

Triad the Triangle crop circles

Triad the Triangle

Triad The Triangle is the symbol of trinity. The number three is used in a lot of cultures and religions as sacral. Three is a symbol of balance. In Vesica Pisces two overlapping circles create the almond form in which can be put the equilateral triangle.

Torus Crop Circles


Torus gradually rotates Vesica’s two circles 6 times. Torus was found on the 11 of July in 1997, Marlborough, Wilts, England. That crop circle was generally made with a big outer circle that was three times bigger than within the circle.

Dyad Vesica Pisces Crop Circles

Dyad Vesica Pisces

Dyad Vesica Piscis is a symbol that represents the splitting apart of something that was whole and perfect. Dyad is about duality and diversity. Everything in the world practises is based on the idea of duality Light and Dark, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil. The almond shape that is created with overlapping of two circles. This almond shape is traditionally known as the vesica piscis that is translated as fish bladder and it represents the birth of something new.

Monad crop circle


Monad is the circle itself. It is the ideal figure, there is no other shape that is so perfect as Monad. It can be with a dot in the center representing a single point around which a continuous curve is without beginning and end. The Monad is the only figure that can be drawn with only one movement. The Monad is a symbol of eternal wholeness and unity. It is sacred and Divine. It is a representation of God himself.

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