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Mu Lemurian Symbols

Mu Lemurian Symbols - Mu Lemurian Meanings - Mu Lemurian Vectors

The existence of Mu Lemurian symbols have remained shrouded in controversy since their initial discovery. Mu is a legendary lost continent that was first brought into public attention by James Churchwood, a British occult writer in 1926. According to Churchwood, Mu existed in the Pacific Ocean and was submerged and lost forever.
This is also why it has sometimes been associated with Atlantis, the underwater lost city. Churchwood stated that Mu existed between Hawaii and as far as Easter Island and that it used to be inhabited by millions. He hypothesized that this may have been the original Garden of Eden.
The inhabitants of the island were said to be over 50 million and were known as the Naacals. The Nacaals were technologically advanced and left behind tablets with a dead language. These were revealed to Churchward after persuading an Indian priest that Churchward was able to decode. Although fragments of larger text, it was enough for Churchwood to base his research on. The Mu symbols are representative of a cosmogony, meant to be communications from the first people who ever existed. Archaeologist Augustus Le Plongeon added on to this theory by connecting Mayan symbols to the legend of Mu by way of Atlantis. He postulated that Mayan sites were the birth of civilization, and that this population then traveled to Atlantis. As Mu was said to have submerged, and was often associated with the legendary lost city of Atlantis, legend and reality became somewhat entangled to bring about this idea of ancient civilization.
Current science, however, suggests that both Churchwood and Le Plongeon were incorrect. There are no such geological remnants of this civilization to suggest their existence and the symbols are more associated with Mesoamerica and other archaeological remains.
All definitions for these symbols are derived from the Churchward’s text on Mu symbology.

Water Mu symbol


Water plays an important role for the Mu. The wavy, horizontal lines symbolize the physical nature of the earth’s water. It is a depiction of a crucial resource for the Mu and their subservience to physical elements. Water is one of the few physical elements depicted in their symbology, highlighting its importance.

The Universe Mu symbol

The Universe

The seven-headed Serpent is symbolized as the Deity as it moves through space. The circle symbolizes the Universe. The deity moves through Space, bringing order into chaos and that is his first command. The serpent is a representation of the movement of the deity through the infinite space of the universe.

Tree of Life and Serpent Mu symbol

Tree of Life and Serpent

The Tree of Life and the Serpent are common elements found in other forms of symbology as well. The serpent denotes water. The tree depicts Mu as a maternal force, the mother of man and the origin of life. It symbolizes the illusion of nature and its finiteness. Man is depicted as life and life is seen as an everlasting force in the tree of life and serpent.

Sun Forces Mu symbol

Sun Forces

The Sun and the Earth are connected in many ways in Mu symbology. The Sun Forces are shown here, as they strike the Earth forces. The Earth’s forces are in Cosmic Eggs which have been created on the land. This is another depiction of the connectedness of the Sun and Earth forces.

Space Mu Symbol


A minimal symbol to depict the vastness of the space. The fine, horizontal lines of the symbol are representative of space. In Mu symbology, space has an important role since this where the Deity began the quest for law and order. As the Creator commanded Space to be orderly, man was created as well.

Tau - Resurrection Mu symbol

Tau – Resurrection

The Tau represents resurrection and emersion. The latter refers to the resurrection of land. Though Mu was submerged, its land has been resurrected. The Tau is the oldest symbol and found in the writings of the Motherland. It continues to be seen today as well across different cultures and religions.

Cosmogonic Diagram Mu symbol

Cosmogonic Diagram

A complicated structure, the Cosmogonic Diagram is representative of the major tenets of the Mu’s religious beliefs. It depicts a circle with two interconnected triangles that forms a single figure. These are contained within a second circle and create twelve divisions. A third circle is present at a distance, leaving some space. Twelve scallops decorate the outside of the circle. The scallops have a ribbon attached with eight divisions. The main circle depicts the Sun, and the Deity and his home in Heaven. The twelve divisions denote the heavenly gates whee the Deity lives. These gates are symbols of virtues such as love, hope, charity, faith, etc. The space between the circles represents the afterlife which the soul must traverse to reach Heaven. The eight divisions represent the eight roads to Heaven.

Mother of Life Mu symbol

Mother of Life

The Mother of Life symbol represents the water as the originator of the Mother of Life, water is also an important element in Mu symbology. While the Creator is associated with the establishment of law and order, the water has a different role. As the Mother of Life symbol denotes, water is the beginning of life in Mu symbology.

Light Forces Mu symbols

Light Forces

The Light Forces symbol denotes the power of the Sun and its connection to the Earth. Both the fine dotted and straight lines both depict the connection of the Sun’s force to the Earth’s light force. The two cannot exist without each other and the lines depict the strength of the connection between the Sun and the Earth.

Heaven Mu symbol


The Monotheistic symbol of the Deity is found within the triangle, depicting Heaven. The equilateral triangle likely refers to the Triune Godhead, Heaven or both. It is a representation of the Creator’s power. It is also seen in other glyphs from a variety of cultures such as during the time of Confucius.

Heat Force Mu symbol

Heat Force

The Sun and the Earth have an inextricable relationship in Mu symbology. The “Heat Force” symbol depicts the relation of the Sun’s Force to the Earth’s Heat force. These vertical wavy lines in the figure show the interconnected nature of the Sun and the Earth. The connection between the eat force and the Sun is depicted in the Heat Force symbol.

God Speaks Mu symbols

God Speaks

A depiction of some of the religious principles of Mu. The “God Speaks” symbol is meant to demonstrate that God communicates through the words of Mu. This cements their religious devotion to the Deity and their belief in his ultimate power. Found on a tablet unearthed in Mexican ruins.

God Mu symbol


The Mu were a monotheistic culture. This simple symbol for God depicts the circular and unending nature of the Deity. This was the primary form of representation of the Deity in sacred Mu writings. It symbolizes the eternalness of the Deity.

First Man-Woman Mu

First Man-Woman

The symbol for the First Man-Woman was found on a tablet unearthed in a Mexican ruin. It states that first came the creation of man with a dual principle (i.e. male and female). The Creator put this man to slumber or death. As he slept, the principles were removed by the Cosmic Forces. After he awoke, he was no longer one but two – man and woman. This legend follows other Biblical and ancient texts that suggest man was created alone and women originated as a part of the first man.

Earth’s Center Mu symbol

Earth’s Center

As legend states, Kuiland was destroyed by the fires underneath when the Earth shook. The the Earth’s Center depicts the fire that is narrated in the legend. It represents the Earth’s Center. This symbol was found in vignettes of the sacred writing of the Mu.

Creative Forces Mu symbol

Creative Forces

Going back to the nature of dualities, the Creative Forces symbol depict another form of that. The full Godhead of five is depicted here. This is the Deity and his Four Great Primary and Creative Forces shown. This depicts their unity together as a force.

Creator Mu symbol


The Creator symbol is also known as Lahun. For the Mu, this represented dualities. It represents the dual principle of the Creator and its eternal state. The creator symbol is seen in vignettes of the sacred writings of Mu.

Destruction of Mu symbol

Destruction of Mu

According to Churchward, this symbol was first seen on a tablet said to have been found in a ruin in Mexico. It depicts the “Destruction of Mu”, and its ultimate end in the sea. The sign depicts the destruction of Kuiland, the Great Ruler of the Earth has been destroyed by natural disasters. As earthquakes shook the land, the land gave way and she sank to her death.

Cosmic Eggs Mu symbol

Cosmic Eggs

The sun and water plays an important role in Mu symbology. “Cosmic Eggs” symbol depicts the closeness of the Sun’s forces to the Earth and its Life Force. These are shown striking together within the Cosmic Eggs that are being formed by the water.

The Plain Cross - Almighty Mu symbol

The Plain Cross – Almighty

The Plain Cross is a symbol of the Sacred Four. This refers to The Four Great Primary Forces which are directly originating from the Almighty. The Plain Cross denotes the importance of the deity and main forces that guide life.

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