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Reiki Symbols - Reiki Meanings - Reiki Vectors

Reiki Symbols - Reiki Meanings - Reiki Vectors

Reiki is a Japanese stress relieving and relaxation technique that promotes the healing process. The technique is based on the theory that invisible “life energy” flows through our body. If the “vitality” level is low, people are more prone to illness and stress. In the case of a high level, people have a great ability to be happy and healthy. During the procedure, people get a wonderful sensation from the radiation that passes through us and around us.
Reiki involves the transfer of energy to the healed person without contact. The roots of Reiki can be traced back to the ancient Tibetan sutras. Despite this, Reiki methods became known only in the 19th century.
Dr. Mikao Usui led the Christian mission in Kyoto, Japan in the middle of the 19th century. One day the seminarians asked Dr. Usui why he did not teach them to heal the sick by the laying on of hands, as Christ did. According to Japanese traditions, Usui, according to his rank, was obliged to answer any questions from his students. However, this time he could not give them an answer. On the same day, Usui resigned from his post and decided to find the answer: how to heal the sick with the laying on of hands? Usui realized that not only Christ, but also Buddha could perform incredible healings. Therefore, he created a new method, Reiki. Convinced of the effectiveness of the new method, Mikao Usui decided to make Reiki available to all people. However, in order to be able to use his system, Mikao Usui had to prove the viability and harmlessness of Reiki for seven years, working with sick people. Thus, the teachings of Reiki arose.
Masters and initiates of the Reiki method use special symbols in their work that help them to concentrate energy in the right way. The first and main symbol of Reiki – one for all – is Cho Ku Rei.
If the master is drawing a symbol, it does not matter which way he twists the spiral. The fact is that all Reiki symbols work in dimensions that are inaccessible to us; they are voluminous and unfold in space in a completely different way than we can imagine. In this regard, the ways of drawing symbols differ so much, as if the different ways of twisting the spiral were views of the same thing from different sides. Knowing this, we can be free to practice and put symbols, trusting our inner wisdom.In ancient times, the Master showed the symbol to his students only once and it was not allowed to write or sketch it, otherwise there was a danger that it would cease to be secret and lose its power, and representatives of the so-called “black magic” could use it. This also explains the variety of Reiki symbols.
Symbols facilitate the use of Reiki energy. Symbols are useful, convenient and enjoyable to use, but Reiki healers should leave them when they are old enough to be healers. Symbols should be used as tools.



Sanye Meldu is the name of a Tibetan monastery and at the same time a symbol that introduces a person into a state of love, which is then transmitted to others. The symbol prevents the occurrence of a conflict, but does not eliminate its cause. It removes the energy that was born, but was not realized and did not go away. Leads to a state of calm and balance. Stops the vibrations of the aura.



Shree Vishnu is one of the Karuna Symbols and its mandala attracts wealth and money. The meaning of the image ascends to Hindu philosophy, representing the goddess of fortune Lakshmi and her consort Vishnu. A sign of education, creativity, art, inspiration. Helps to protect against rudeness and ignorance. Attracts wealth and money into the life of the person who turns to this symbol.



Ved Ganga is one of the Karuna Symbols. The sign personifies the Hindu goddess Ganga – the embodiment of the sacred river Ganga. It is a symbol of motherhood, patronage, the brightest and purest attention, liberation and renewal. By portraying this image, you can remove negative energy from people, objects, even spaces.



Zen Kai Jo is a symbol that is used to obtain material goods. It is a symbol of abundance. Attracts wealthy business people. Creates a chest (reservoir) where a golden stream (omnipresent) flows down. The symbol works like a pyramid-type concentrator and does not take energy from the central channel. Can be used for yourself, for others and even for premises. It is good to pair it with Ki-Yin-Chi.



Yoshi Te is a symbol used to establish relationships with others and for the good of the family. It is a symbol of relationship. Promotes the establishment of relationships with individuals of the opposite sex, as, indeed, with everyone else too. Also useful in healing the heart chakra. It is good to use it after Biru-Kai.



Tse Ne Dong is used to establish relationships with others and for the good of the family. It is a symbol that means “Everything will be fine”. Helps to find happiness, balance and peace of mind. Used in relation to new projects, premises, travel and academic success. You can make amulets to keep your family happy. You can give for a wedding in a box, embroider on a carpet, etc.



Mil Qu Zoo is a symbol used to heal old mental wounds. The symbol extracts and cleans information from the present to the moment of conception. Then information related to parents, past three lives, country, race, planet. Cleans the aura from the “fragments” of information left after the work of the Kai-Sei-Chen symbol. It is also used to overcome the deficit (the state when the expense is more than the income or the result does not correspond to the effort expended). In this case, it can be used not only for people, but also for premises.



Mi Chi Ka Ro is a symbol of Peace. It helps interact with other people. It prevents the emergence of aggression, but does not eliminate the very cause of the conflict. Heals the liver and gallbladder by normalizing the flow of Chi through their channels. For treatment, draw a symbol in the green field of the liver.



Ki Yin Chi is a symbol that is used to obtain material goods. It is a symbol of prosperity and advancement. Useful for promotion (career). It must be drawn indoors. This symbol does not directly bring money, but can give new opportunities, help to realize their abilities or the reasons for failure.



Kai Sei Chen is the symbol used to work on oneself. It is used to treat depression and congestion. Shakes up and cleans all layers of the aura. Drawn (visualized, “put on”) on the whole person.



Jin So Jen is used to establish relationships with others and for the good of the family. It is a protective symbol for the preservation of the family, the establishment of peace and harmony in it. You can paint indoors, on a family photo (in which everyone in the family looks happy). You can mentally imagine the whole family and draw a symbol on this image.



Jai Jin is a symbol of self-expression, let the genie out of the bottle. Helps unleash creativity. Can be used for people who suppress the expression of their feelings. Aligns the structure of the central channel. Fills the space vacated after the work of Mil-Qu-Zoo with the energy of a golden color. It is used to treat the past. It is useful in cases of asthma, diabetes, lack of confidence, for any problems with the throat, thyroid gland, and tonsils. Used on the whole body or throat chakra.



Hang Seng Dor is a symbol that is used to obtain material goods. It is a symbol of removing obstacles. This is a very general and useful symbol. Gives the right direction, removes obstacles and difficulties. In addition, it heals, or rather postpones information-related illnesses for a while. With such treatment, the sign is visualized with the intention to postpone the disease for a certain period (for example, by 10 years).



Furu Pyo Sho is the reiki symbol of Studies. Quickly introduces into a state of meditation, concentrates the aura, gathers it together.



Chi Hai is a symbol that is used to obtain material goods. It is used for the success of a new business or enterprise. “Formats” have a place at the information level. “Includes” in this place the energies of red, green, brown (money) colors. The symbol can be hung on the wall, you can draw on the contract when it is concluded. It is good to use in conjunction with other symbols of material wealth.

Biru Kai Reiki

Biru Kai

Biru Kai is a symbol used to establish relationships with others and for the good of the family. It is a symbol of love. Helps to enter the state of love. Having felt this state, you can form an appropriate atmosphere around yourself, surrounding yourself with the light of love. It can be used to fill a room with the energy of love. Helpful in healing the heart chakra. Build a channel quickly. Radiates green to golden glow.

DUMO Reiki


Dumo is also known as the Tibetan Master Symbol, or the Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo. Represents the curled heat of the Kundalini. Dumo, or Dumo fire, is a fire that rises up the back as a result of the awakening of the Kundalini. The unification of mind and body results in the release of heat, which is the lowest level of vibration emitted by the body. Dumo works with both the mind and body and the fire of the root chakra. Dumo displaces negative energy and illness from the body (room or situation) and releases it. Heals the soul, helps spiritual growth. Can be used for crystals to make them self-cleaning. But Dumo’s main purpose is to heal and participate in the initiation process.

RAKU Reiki


Raku is used in initiation to complete the Karuna Ki Do attunement to separate the auras of the master and the student. This symbol helps to fight negative karma and raises the initiate to a higher level of awareness. Activates the central channel, guides Rei-Ki through the channels and then places it in Dan-Tien. Usually not used for treatment.”



Fire Serpent is a sleeping snake symbol curled up in the lower back. It is used during initiation (horizontal line above the crown), then “wriggles” down the back and twists clockwise at the level of the coccyx, landing the energy in the root chakra. If you change the direction of rotation (counterclockwise) and start from the root chakra, then up the back, ending with a horizontal line above the head, then the symbol pushes the energy up to the four upper chakras. However, he does not allow energy to dissipate from the crown chakra. Thus, the fiery snake connects and opens all the chakras, opens the central channel, allowing the flow of the Kundalini, or “Dumo fire”. Can be used in healing or meditation to achieve balance and increase sensitivity.



Krija symbol is used to heal the physical body, for all physical pains, to restore the balance of yin-yang energies. It is especially effective in places where the meridians converge: chest, feet, hands, head. Designed to heal people as a race.



The Gnoja symbol balances intelligence and emotions, and restores balance between the male and female components. Due to this, a connection is made with the higher consciousness of a person, with his spirit. Higher consciousness enters into contact with the physical body, making it as conscious as possible. Apply in cases when a person is lost, lost faith, does not know where to go and what to do. The symbol works with the upper chakras and the back of the head.



AUM OM OHM is one of the Karuna Symbols. This is a sacred sound and a spiritual sign of the Universe, a symbol that came from Sanskrit. It represents the Cosmos as a whole. This sound cleans, stabilizes and protects the aura. Brings light into space, opens the seventh chakra. Imagine and mentally reproduce this symbol in golden color, this will help you feel the integrity of the whole world, better feel the right choice and live happily.

IAVA Reiki


Iava is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Iava – the symbol of reality in which you need to orient yourself correctly. Calls for cleansing from personal and global ills, such as epidemics, diseases. The mantra Iava adjusts to adequately perceive the events that happen to us, to learn to see their Universal meaning. It helps to come to oneself, stop drowning in sucking everyday reflections and conjectures, and give up illusions. To return to us a clear awareness of reality – in the meaning of the sign. Also, its image makes it possible to heal the Earth: disease, epidemics, disasters.



Shanti is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Shanti – the symbol of self-confidence and the fact that you will calmly let go of the past from yourself. This sign is drawn in the air above each liquid you drink. The power of this image will contribute to the easy and successful completion of affairs, giving absolute calmness and self-confidence. It can also be used to adjust the water for healing from nightmares and attachment to the past. This symbol is helping to go away from the past, it brings all our energy into the present, at the moment, and you begin to create and exist in inescapable joy. Shanti sends peace to your past, freeing yourself from old grudges.

RAMA Reiki


Rama is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Rama – the fulfillment of desires. This symbol is used to ground yourself, to clear your energy shell. Draw this sign in your mind and imagine negative energy going into the ground through your grounding cable. Rama is used for liberation from other people’s energies and strengthening your connection with Heaven and Earth. Try to work out the blocks in your chakras to relieve uncertainties in life. This is a symbol of the embodiment of desires and increasing well-being.



Harth is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Harth – the symbol of the heart, the openness of life to heartfelt experiences. Harth is an image of the heart and is used to open the heart to the Higher streams of Light. With its help, you can restore relationships between people, and refer to your emotional sphere. It has a good effect on willpower, strengthening it, sets you up for vitality.

HALU Reiki


Halu is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Halu – removes illusions and self-deception. It helps to eliminate self-deception and illusion, carries a charge of Divine Love, faith, goodness. You can interact with this sign and water in different ways. Draw this image on the water, mentally remembering a person with whom you are not in tune, then drink this water, and after a while your relationship with him/her will normalize. Also, this symbol helps to purify water in order to drive away bad thoughts, remove the evil eye, and overcome aggression.



Zonar is one of the symbols of Reiki Karuna. Reiki Karuna was created by the followers of the monk who created the Reiki system and later added other signs to the above symbols. One of them is Zonar – the sign of infinity. A sign that attunes to the vibrations of infinity, rest and beginning. It is recommended to start a healing session with the outline of this symbol. It helps to create clarity and purity of space, to start working out Karma. It is begun to draw it with a capital Latin letter Z, adding an infinity sign in the center.

Dai Ko Myo REIKI

Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo is the fourth and the last step of the 4 main levels of Reiki. Dai Ko Myo means “master”. Its use is possible only if a person has passed to the 4th level of Reiki and has all the skills of a healer. In Japan, it is issued only together with a certificate. It is impossible to use this symbol up to this stage, otherwise the patient can cause significant harm.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the third step of the 4 main levels of Reiki. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen translates as “distance”. It means a healing effect when the healer is not near the sick person. This is the most powerful symbol, which means that neither time nor place exists for the healer. That is, you can influence a sick person at any distance.

Sei He Ki Reiki

Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki is the second step of the 4 main levels of Reiki. Illness wins on an emotional level, as any illness begins with a wrong life on an emotional level. It is for this reason that the design of this sign helps to activate mental energy in order to understand the cause of the ailment, as well as relax emotionally, heal yourself from troubles and try to find the strength in yourself to resist the disease.

Cho ku Rei Reiki

Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is the first step of the 4 main levels of Reiki. It is called strength. It means a victory over negative circumstances and painful sensations, symbolizes the release of the energy of the person himself and all his energy centers. It is actively used in healing to relieve the negative energy of a person, pain.



Mannaz symbol means remain modest. Be in the world, but not from the world. Stay receptive to impulses that come out of the divine in the inner and outer sphere. Seek to live the usual life in an unusual manner. If you take the ‘itself’ rune and cut through it in the middle, you are going to receive the rune of joy and its reflection. So there is a fine warning not to be careless. The acrobatically dancing energy of the balance is asked here to bring its higher itself. Nothing in the excess – that was the second request that was to be read at the entrance to the delphish temple.

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