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Alchemy color palette

Alchemy Colors Tablet

This color scheme was inspired by the symbolism of Alchemy and include hues that are connected to the many elements and symbols utilized in alchemy symbology.

Aztec color palette

Aztec Color palette Tablet

This Aztec color palette contain warm and vibrant hues that reflect the active and symbolic culture of the Aztec civilization.

Buddhism color palette

Buddhism color palette Cover Tablet

This is a color palette that was influenced by the iconography of Buddhism, and it has the ability to move digital items into a state of calm and compassion.

Celtic color palette

Celtic color palette procreate

The Celtic culture is steeped in symbolism, and the use of color was essential to the way they expressed themselves artistically.

Norse color palette

Norse Color Palette Tablet

Norse color palette is inspired by the vivid and evocative images of the Viking Age, depicts the essence of myth, folklore, and tradition of Norse civilization.

Greek Mythology color palette

Greek Mythology color palette Tablet

The color scheme of Greek mythology color palette was inspired by the vivid hues of the ancient Greeks, is certain to give your digital creations a hint of mythology.

Slavic color palette

Slavic color palette Cover Tablet

A digital color scheme influenced by the history and symbolism of Slavic cultures. Art, architecture, and symbols from Slavic nations all have their own distinct histories and traditions to convey.

Maori color palette

Maori Color Palette Cover Tablet

Embedded in millennia of history and cultural significance, the Maori color palette is a vibrant tapestry of earthy, natural tones.

Japan color palette

Japan Color Palette Tablet

The vibrant range of colors that make up the Japanese color palette has profound historical and cultural roots. Each hue, from the fiery red of the Rising Sun to the tranquil blue of the sea, has a special significance that reflects Japan’s deep cultural heritage.

Adinkra color palette

Adinkra Color palette

The Adinkra color palette is a vivid and eye-catching assortment of hues, each with significant meaning in Adinkra culture. Each color, from deep chocolate to sunny yellow, was chosen to convey the ideals and principles of this ancient society.

Mapuche color palette

Mapuche Color Palette

The Mapuche civilization, which originated in the area that is now Chile and Argentina, has a lengthy and vivid history. The intricate and significant elements of their culture are reflected in their art, clothing, and symbolism.

Inca color palette

Inca Color Palette

The Inca color scheme is a vivid and symbolically significant representation of its history and culture. This palette’s colors have deep symbolic meanings that speak to the beliefs and ideals of the Inca culture.

Egyptian color palette

Egyptian Color Palette

The Egyptian color palette is a digital product that was inspired by the ancient Egyptian culture, history, and symbolism, and it provides an excellent entry point into this fascinating world. The vibrant hues of ancient Egypt had more meaning than just their aesthetic appeal.

Mayan color palette

Mayan Color Palette

The Mayan color palette is a digital product whose design was inspired by the alluring hues and symbolic meanings of the ancient Mesoamerican civilisation of the Maya. Colors in Mayan art are more than a display of creative skill; they also reveal the Mayans’ spiritual affinity with the natural world and the universe.

Astrology color palette

Astrology Color Palette

Inspired by the mystic symbolism of the zodiac and the entrancing world of astrology, the Astrology color palette is a celestial symphony of colours. As we move through the zodiac from sign to sign and from planet to planet, we encounter a wide range of hues that speak to the unique characteristics of each astrological sign.

Tarot color palette

Tarot Color Palette

The alluring realm of Tarot symbology serves as inspiration for the Tarot color palette, which creates a hypnotic tapestry of colors. As we explore the Major and Minor Arcana, we find that each Tarot card’s symbolic hue represents a facet of its meaning and the depth of its insight.

Lakota Sioux color palette

Sioux Color Palette Cover2

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the Lakota Sioux civilization with our carefully crafted digital product color palette. Inspired by the profound symbolism and deep cultural significance of the Lakota Sioux people, this palette captures the essence of their rich heritage through a captivating array of colors.

Chakra color palette

Chakra color palette

Align your chakras and amplify your aura with our digitally downloadable Chakra Color Palette. This mystical set contains 7 high-vibrational JPG images attuned to each of the 7 chakras and their corresponding colors.

Chinese color palette

Chinese Color palette

Discover the symbolic hues of Chinese culture with our downloadable Chinese Color Palette. This digital set includes a vibrant palette capturing the classic colors found in Chinese art, clothing, architecture, and beyond. Each shade in this Chinese color palette has deep cultural meaning and history

Crop Circles color palette

Crop Circles Color Palette

Uncover hidden truths and glimpse into extraordinary realms with our enlightening Crop Circles Symbol Palette. This digital collection contains high-vibrational colors inspired by symbolic shapes and patterns found in mystical crop circle formations worldwide.

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