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Persian archer


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Description of Persian archer

Persian archer from the royal guard on a frieze of glazed bricks decorating the walls of the royal palace in Susa (Louvre, Paris). Persian archers were famous all over the world. Even the kings in Persia knew how to shoot with a bow. In one of the inscriptions in the tomb in Naqsh-i Rustam, Darius I specifies: “As a horseman, I am a good horseman; as an archer, I am a good archer, both on foot and on horseback; as a spearman, I am a good spearman, both on foot and on horseback. The education of young Achaemenid aristocrats began at the age of five and lasted ten or twenty years, according to various sources. The day always started with exercise. After eating, they learned how to hunt using spears, bows and horns.

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